The Sump Pump Pit Liner

Sump Pit Liner
Lat’s take a look at a major component of a good, high quality basement sump pump system. The sump pit liner, also sometimes referred to as the sump well. There have been major advancements in building materials and the days of the five gallon bucket in the floor are over.  One of the biggest changes is making sure the sump pump liner has a sealed lid. No longer is a five gallon bucket with a bunch of holes drilled in the side a safe or healthy idea. In many cases the five gallon bucket and pump may collect and pump out water. In many situations when the five gallon bucket has no lid you can very often allow high levels of moisture and soil gases into the basement or crawlspace. This can create very high humidity levels and substantially increase the amount of dangerous soil gases like radon gas from entering into your home. As our understanding of the basement environment advances, we become even more aware of the The “RBS Sump Pit Liner” eliminates these problems and provides clients with a reliable, cost effective solution.
RBS has made even further improvements in our lid design by using clear view Plexiglas to improve visibility of our beautiful Pro-Series pumping system. This change allows homeowners and service technicians to quickly determine if there is a problem inside the sump pit liner.  


  • Does not promote undermining of the foundation
  • Resists iron and clogging
  • Built in pump stand
  • Easy on / easy off cover
  • Dehumidifier drain plug
  • Permanent mesh filter
  • Multiple pumping configurations
  • Clear view lid with clear view check valve
  • Virtually air tight cover

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