Sump Pumps for Wet, Flooding Basements

All sump pumps are not created equal. The sump pump systems installed by Rescon combine a premium sump liner with the Pro-Series Pumps;  two of the top performing and first class sump pump products on the market today. These sump pump systems provide clients with a pumping system that out-performs the traditional sump pumps for basements. Like most of our product lines, our systems are manufactured and designed with the latest technology.  This system answers all those questions and more.

 We provide free estimates and consultations and proudly install sump pump systems in Derry, Medford, Metheun, Londonderry, Windham, Topsfield, Gloucester, Boston, Manchester and Salem and other locations throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

When you ask the question “How does a sump pump work?” you want answers that make sense. Learn about our professional sump pump products:


Installing a Sump Pump and Perimeter Drain


Sump Pump Install – Single or Joined Pumping System

Our sump pumps for basements can be installed as a single unit or they can be joined together if additional pumping capacity is needed. Each sump pump liner is equipped with two solid sides and a built-in pump stand.

These features help to prevent undermining the foundation wall as seen in deep liners. The water collection sides have large open slots that let water pass freely into the sump liner. No more clogging of those little holes seen in other liners. Each lid features a dehumidifier draining plug making for a neat clean virtually airtight seal. This makes radon mitigation companies very happy! No more sump pumps for basements that need to have the lids sealed.

Most of the sump pumps for basements that we install are equipped with state of the art monitoring capabilities. This sump pump monitoring capability includes home security wiring, auto-dialing systems, and dual float switches to name a few. Our primary sump pumps are equipped with clear check valves above the lid. With clear check valves being above the lid, our clients are able to visually monitor pumping as they need. As added insurance and peace of mind, each sump pump comes with a warranty ranging from 18 months to 5 years.

Battery Back-up Sump Pump

Many of Rescon’s sump pumps for basements include a Battery-Backup system. Battery back-up systems keep your sump pump operating during those unexpected power outages. The back-up system is a completely separate pump from the primary pump. The back-up pump will take over if the primary pump ever has a problem. The two pumps fit nicely into each liner and provide clients with double the protection and double the peace of mind.

When it comes to the sump pump, we at Rescon Basement Solutions have really done our homework. We know that the sump pump is the heart of a basement system and the primary component in most basement drainage systems.

There are a lot of choices in sump pumps for basements. Give us a call today and find out why Rescon Basement Solutions has become New England’s best choice.

“Rescon was amazing! They were extremely clean and efficient. Dillon and his team explained every step of the process, were very courteous, and for such a nosy, messy, dirty job made us feel like they were barely even there. Chris, the owner, came to the job site and once again made sure we were happy. It was also great to see him interact with his team, give guidance, and be helpful rather than just shout orders. Overall a great experience!”

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“I just had a sump pump and drain system installed in my basement due to flooding. Liam and Joey showed up in the freezing cold and worked all day to get my sump installed to stop the water. When they came back to put in the perimeter drain they were very courteous, knowledgeable and professional . They answered all my questions and did an amazing job. Thanks Liam and Joey!!”

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