Basements get wet, damp and may leak or seep water for different reasons.

A leaky or wet basement and basement floor can be a real problem!


Do you know the type of foundation wall that you have

There are many potential ways that water can get in and flood or just wet the basement floor regardless of foundation type. Rescon Basement Solutions specializes in solving the water problems in your basement and eliminating that wet basement floor.  What are the common elements that create or contribute to flooding or a water problem in the basement?

Hydro-static Pressure Can Cause Basement Leaking, Flooding and Wet Floors

Build-up of water in and around the walls and floor of your basement that may occur due to hydro-static pressure is a factor in whether your basement floor will stay dry or become wet and damp.  This unseen and unnoticed water build-up causes upward pressure on the foundation.  This pressure causes water to be pushed into cracks and seams throughout the foundation.  The ultimate end result of hydro-static pressure on the basement foundation is is a wet basement floor.  Wet basement floors due to this type of problem can be solved with a sump pump or a basement drainage system.

Rain After a Drought or Dry-Spell Causes Damp, Wet Basementsdriedoutsoil

Basement Waterproofing Project Manager Beth offers up her own analogy to customers, “After a dry period, the rain will run straight into the spaces created by drought and dry and shrinking soils, much like the space created in the pot where a potted plant had dried out.”  With a deluge of rain, all that water runs straight for the crevices and cracks in dry, compact soils.  The dried out ground is not capable of handling the sudden influx of water and offers little absorption until it really becomes wet and almost saturated.  Read More

Poured Concrete and Other Types of Foundation Cracks :

FoundationTypesNo matter what type of foundation you may have, it could be prone to cracking and that could make it susceptible to water intrusion. Poured concrete has improved the quality of basements over the past 60 years. However, poured concrete does have a tendency to crack. Foundation (or basement floor) cracks are perfect avenues for water, soil gases, insects, etc. to make their way in. Because foundation and floor cracks can create a real problem in the basement, it is a good idea to have the cracks professionally sealed.

window-well-grateWindows and Window Wells Can Let Water Into the Basement

Basement windows, especially those below grade come with the high probability that water could fill the exterior wells and cause water infiltration through the windows.

This type of issue can be addressed with a new window well or exterior drainage. It is best to have one of our staff come out and perform a basement evaluation to determine the best course of action.

Garage and Entry Doors Can Create an Entryway for Basement Wateranaheingarage

You may not have realized it but your garage can be an avenue for water to get into your home and basement.  If the exterior grade or pitch of a driveway off and is towards a walk-out door or garage door, water seepage could enter under the doorway.


Rescon Basement Solutions efficiently and successfully deals with virtually all water seepage situations and provides a permanent solution to end all water seepage permanently.

We fix wet, damp, leaky basements in Londonderry, Manchester, Hooksett, Newburyport, Salem, Medford, Windham, Topsfield and more locations throughout MA and NH!

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