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Homeowners must realize the importance of having a stable foundation for their homes. When you stabilize your foundation, that means you are securing it to the ground. This ensures that you won’t have any structural problems with your home, which can quickly become severe. It will also provide more protection against natural disasters such as earthquakes.

Rescon Basements Solutions is a professional basement services company specializing in foundation repair and stabilization. For over 20 years, we have helped hundreds of homeowners with their basements, including working on their foundations. Learn why this service can be critical to prevent future problems with your home.

Major Causes Of Foundation Problems

Water is the primary reason why any homeowner has issues with their foundation. Too much or too little can cause the foundation to shift. This causes the dirt around the home to move, which in turn can cause problems with the foundation. Also, vegetation surrounding your foundation could be sucking up extra water which causes issues.

Other significant causes include poor grading of the soil around your home and even a high water table. Our professionals can quickly diagnose the cause of the problem and provide a solution.

Many things can cause your foundation to settle over time. Homeowners often think that if their house has settled, it will not go back up without some significant work. This is not true. A variety of things can be done to raise your foundation back up, some of which do not even involve any significant work.

unfinished basement with sump pumpSigns Your Home Needs Foundation Stabilization

Below are some common signs that your home might need foundation stabilization. If you spot any of these, make sure to schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible.

Cracks In Walls Or Ceilings

Cracks can occur because of the shifting of the foundation or because of settling on uneven ground. Left untreated, they can cause further problems like bowing walls or ceilings or even structural damage.

Uneven Floors, Doors, Or Windows

Uneven floors are a common sign of foundation damage. If the floorboards don’t sit level, it can lead to ripples in the subfloor or cracks in the walls. They can also be dangerous for your family because they can cause someone to trip or fall. If your doors and windows don’t fit properly in their frames, your foundation could also have a significant problem.

Separated Moldings

If the moldings on your walls become loose, it is a sign of foundation damage. The molding is connected to the wall, and when there is shifting in the foundation, it could either come apart or be damaged.

Types Of Foundation Stabilization

As technology has advanced, there are more ways to stabilize a foundation properly. Choosing which method is best for you depends on the type of foundation you have and your budget. Here are some methods to consider.

  • Steel Piers. They are anchored into the ground, which allows them to build up pressure against the foundation. You can add steel piers to your foundation or have them installed during a renovation project.
  • Concrete Piers. Piers are created with concrete and have a metal housing bolted to the foundation. This is a more cost-effective way to fix your foundation because it does not require as much labor but can be more permanent than steel piers.
  • Mudjacking. This method uses lightweight concrete that can be injected into your foundation and will create a solid base for the house. This is a temporary solution but it is good for fixing cracks in your foundation.

Choose Rescon for Professional Foundation Stabilization

Rescon Basement Solutions ensures that we correctly address your foundation problems with our years of experience doing exactly that. Our certified home improvement experts will pay close attention to any issues with your home’s foundation and ensure that you are getting the best solutions for your house.

Ignoring structural problems in your house can be very dangerous and can create many future issues. Our company will ensure that you get the best solutions for your house. Our high-quality foundation repair services have served homeowners throughout the years. You don’t have to just take our word for it; check out any number of our amazing customer reviews!

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Are you noticing issues with your home’s foundation? We’re here to help. Foundation stabilization could be the solution you’ve been looking for or something you never knew you needed. Our crew is fully qualified, licensed, and insured. We will provide a free estimate for all services. Call today for more information.

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