Concrete Cutting in a Basement – Better than Jack-Hammering

The process of Concrete Cutting has been around for many years. It is primarily used by commercial and industrial concrete repair companies. The engineers within the concrete repair industry require the use of this technology due to all the benefits over conventional jack hammering. Keeping with our goal of providing our clients with the most advanced products and techniques available. Rescon has brought basement concrete cutting into the basement waterproofing industry. Providing clients with cleanest, neatest, safest and most cost effective removal technique for their basement project.

Why Cutting Concrete in a Basement is preferred

  • Dust Control – Water is used during the cutting process to encapsulate up to 90% of the dust created. Traditional jack hammering creates 2-3 times as much dust as wet saw cutting.
  • Eliminate Foundation Cracks – The vibration from jackhammers can cause cracks in the foundation that may require foundation crack repair.
  • Control Costs – Companies that jackhammer will very often have additional charges for concrete thicker than 4 inches.

Rescon uses basement concrete cutting techniques on our basement drainage systems and when we install sump pumps for basements.
The Wet Saw Cutting Advantage (v.s. Jack Hammering)
The process of cutting concrete with a saw is the preferred method of removal for many in the commercial and industrial industries. Rescon has brought this technology tothe residential basement waterproofing market as a way to provide our clients with the cleanest, neatest, safest (for your foundation),most professional project we can.
Dust Control:

  • Water is used during floor sawing containing 90% of the dust that would normally be spread through out your basement if traditional jack hammering methods were used.
  • Covering your personal belongings as well as utility intake vents is typically not necessary.

Neat Appearance:

  • The edge created by saw cutting the floor is as straight as a ruler. No jagged or fractured edges left behind by chipping.
  • When finishing the new concrete, this straight edge allows our crews to match the existing elevation within an ⅛ of an inch. This tolerance is important if a new flooring product like ceramic tile is being installed post-project.

Safest (for your Foundation/Home):

  • Saw cutting creates a full depth separation between the concrete to be removed and the remaining basement floor. No vibration is transferred to the floor. Jack hammering can cause a destructive vibration leading to damage such as concrete floor cracks and spalling, sheetrock cracking and even ceramic tile cracks.
  • If your basement floor is older, it may not have the typical thickness of floors poured by today’s standards. Jack hammering these types of floors will almost certainly cause further spalling or breaking and cracking of the remaining floor. Not what you want if you’rewaterproofing your basement.

Reduced Risk of Additional Costs:

  • The removal of the basement concrete floor is the most labor intensive step of your project. Most basement floors are between 3 and 4 inches thick. If your floor happens to be thicker, companies using jack hammers could see their labor cost more than double. Since floor thickness may not be possible to determine prior to the job start, these companies may pass these cost on to you the customer.
  • The additional time it takes the saw cut and remove thicker pieces of concrete is minimal. We’re able to stay on schedule with no additional costs.

Misconceptions About Wet Saw Cutting:

  • “New concrete doesn’t bond to saw cut edge”. New concrete does not bond to old concrete without the use of a bonding agent. The bond between the new and old concrete has minimal effect on the longevity of the patch. Thickness, concrete quality, proper mix, placement and finishing techniques are more important factors and are all strictly controlled by our crew.
  • “Radon can pass easily through seam”. Radon is a gas and will penetrate any junction where new and old concrete meet. If radon levels are high enough to require mitigation, our straight seam will allow the Radon mitigation company to seal it better with less cost than a jagged jack hammered seam.
  • “Water can pass easily up through seam”. The only way water would come up through this seam would be if the system was clogged. We do not rely on the bond to stop the water, we rely on our drainage system.

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