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Rescon Basement Solutions is the premier installer of basement waterproofing and drainage systems from Southern New Hampshire to the Lakes Region and throughout the North Shore and Boston, MA areas.  We know that moisture and water control in a basement is critical to eliminating odors, molds, fungus, and other factors that drastically impact the indoor air quality of your home. It is important that you take the appropriate steps to address water or moisture in the basement of your home.

Our expert basement waterproofing technicians evaluate and fix the following problem areas in your basement:


Once Rescon has installed one of our full perimeter interior drainage systems with wall moisture protection your basement is ready to finish.

basement drainage
Interior Basement Drainage System with Wall Moisture Protection

Specializing in basements since 1996, we have the experience and expertise that homeowners rely on to solve moisture and water control issues in the basement. Basement drainage systems installed by Rescon are the most technologically advanced in the basement waterproofing industry. We stay on top of the newest technologies so that we are able to deliver only the best industry technology to our clients. We offer free estimates and consultations and proudly install water control, moisture, humidity and sump pump systems in Derry, Medford, Metheun, Londonderry, Windham, Topsfield, Gloucester, Boston, Manchester and Salem and other locations throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Rescon Basement Solutions is proud to install the best water and moisture control systems on the market for your basement issues.

Today, Rescon uses basement systems procedures and products that have been specifically engineered to address the problems caused by older style basement drainage systems, without sacrificing performance.  The items noted below are just a few of the problems that get missed by the old basement drainage systems:

  • Water ControlMoisture Control
  • Jackhammering
  • Concrete Floor Cracks
  • Radon Gas
  • Moisture Vapor

We use state of the art procedures and products to address these issues. Due to our commitment to utilizing updated technology and techniques, Rescon clients are confident in their installed basement water and moisture control system investment. Our clients will never have to worry about the issues and problems that many outdated basement drainage systems on the market experience.
Drains and Moisture Control

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“We have been a Rescon client for several years. Yesterday, we noticed a problem with the sump pump. Dillon, an excellent technician, was at our house and had the failed pump replaced within about an hour. Good people, and good customer service.”

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