Vapor Barrier In A Crawlspace

If your home has a crawlspace, you may have issues with dampness, moisture and possibly, odors.  A crawlspace is sometimes used to elevate a home above the ground rather than building a full basement.  Crawlspaces are cheaper to dig and they eliminate the need for building a basement.  Typically, a crawlspace is left unfinished with dirt and soil remaining as the “floor” of the space.  Wiring, piping and venting may be installed in the crawlspace.  Unfortunately, a crawlspace that is left unfinished poses many issues to a home and it’s livability.

What is vapor barrier and why do we use it in a crawlspace?

One of the best methods for creating a healthy crawlspace environment is to use vapor barrier.  Rescon Basement Solutions is expert at crawlspace encapsulation and remediation. What exactly is vapor barrier and why do we use it in a crawlspace?
Vapor barrier is a plastic sheeting that resists mold growth and humidity and won’t let moisture come up from the earth and into the crawlspace. The vapor barrier that we use is made from a cross woven polyethylene. it’s lightweight yet exceptionally strong and resists tears and punctures. A bonus is that it also has a fire retardant added and is Class A fire rated.
When a crawlspace has vapor barrier properly installed on the floors and walls, the benefits to the whole home are enormous.  One great benefit is that the air in the home will actually become more clean and fresh.  Vapor barrier will prevent crawl space moisture from rising into the home. Air from the basement or crawlspace rises and sweeps up into a home’s living areas due to the STACK EFFECT

Vapor barrier will protect and ensure that the air coming up from the crawlspace is free from soil gasses, moisture and humidity; poor quality air will no longer be carried up into the home and negatively affect the environment. With a good vapor barrier in the crawlspace, you might see your energy bills lower as well.
Another advantage of encapsulating your crawlspace and using vapor barrier is that it keeps rodents and other pests and vermin out!  The crawlspace is a wonderful place for critters and insects to make their homes in.  When your crawlspace has vapor barrier, it no longer becomes a safe or cozy haven to live in.
A properly installed high-grade vapor barrier will help to prevent:

  • Poor Indoor Air Quality
  • Insects, Pests and Critters
  • Condensation
  • Mold & Mildew
  • Soil Gases
  • Musty Odors
  • Structural Damage – Wood Rot
  • Heating and Cooling Costs
  • Cold Floors

Our choice for vapor barrier and encapsulation is Crawl Shield.  We use Crawl Shield vapor barrier because it:

  • Inhibits the migration of moisture and soil gas (Radon).
  • Reduces condensation, mold growth and poor air quality within a home or building.
  • After your crawl space repair is complete it will be ready to use for storage due to the high strength of CrawlShield.
  • Transforms the space with a bright, clean look.

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