Top 4 Reasons to Waterproof Your Basement Now

We get it. There are some home repairs and home improvements that no one enjoys spending money on.  It’s undeniably more satisfying to spend money to redo an outdated kitchen or bathroom or to just refinish those dull hardwood floors. Homeowners tend to put off home improvement items that yield the least amount of tangible and lasting enjoyment. It is important however, to ensure that your home is dry and free from moisture and dampness and that means fixing those damp, wet basement problems.
While spending money on a basement waterproofing system isn’t necessarily sexy, that money spent will benefit your home in the long term.
Here are four of the top reasons why you should not wait to waterproof your basement.

  • Protect your home’s basement, foundation and the structural integrity of your home:
    When water seeps around and under the foundation and basement of your home, there are several issues that may crop up. Seeping water can get into the basement area and ruin flooring and personal belongings.  If your foundation and basement area is constantly wet and damp, it can begin to erode and even crack; this will cause more seepage and even leaking water.
  • Better air quality throughout the whole house:
    The air flow in a home begins in the lowest level such as the crawlspace or in the basement due to the stack effect. To ensure that you are breathing healthy air, it is important that the environment below you is healthy as well.  If you have a crawlspace, the air rises up from that crawlspace and it too should be dry and free from water and dampness.
  • Reduce the costs of heating and cooling:
    Yes, by waterproofing your basement or crawlspace, you can reduce your home heating and cooling costs.  For example, cracks around window wells and leaky bulkheads for example are spaces where air can escape to the outside.
  • Add dry, usable space without adding on:
    Why spend money on an addition to a storage unit when you can have a dry basement?  Once your basement is dry and no longer humid, damp or leaking, you will have storage space, play space, laundry space; whatever kind of space you want!

“I just had a sump pump and drain system installed in my basement due to flooding. Liam and Joey showed up in the freezing cold and worked all day to get my sump installed to stop the water. When they came back to put in the perimeter drain they were very courteous, knowledgeable and professional . They answered all my questions and did an amazing job. Thanks Liam and Joey!!”

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