Improve Air Quality and Other Unhealthy Conditions in The Basement of Your Home in Southern New Hampshire or Eastern Massachusetts.

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There are many compelling reasons to ensure the basement of your home is properly waterproofed. For example, waterproofing can eliminate musty smells, making the space usable and preventing potentially costly damage to your home’s foundation. However, no reason is more important than protecting the health of your family. If not addressed, water infiltration can lead to poor basement air quality and a range of other unhealthy conditions.

Based in Manchester, New Hampshire, Rescon Basement Solutions has spent more than 20 years creating dry, beautiful, healthy basements for homeowners throughout Southern New Hampshire and Eastern Massachusetts. Whether you’ve purchased a new home and would like to take proactive measures or unhealthy conditions have been festering in your basement for years, you can rest assured we have a solution.

What Causes Problems with Basement Air Quality?

Basements are particularly vulnerable to unhealthy conditions that can cause poor indoor air quality. For example, they tend to be damp, contributing to the growth of mold and mildew, which can have a negative impact on health.

Additionally, poorly maintained basements make a perfect entry point for radon gas. This radioactive gas is a known cancer-causing agent that results from the breakdown of metals in the soil. To make matters worse, this gas is completely odorless, so it can be difficult to detect its presence in your home.

Our Services

Rescon Basement Solutions offers a range of services that can improve your basement air quality. We’ll begin by performing a comprehensive inspection of your basement, allowing our experts to determine the best solution for your home. Depending on your needs, we can provide everything from moisture and humidity control to crawlspace remediation and foundation repair. All of our services are completed by trained specialists—not subcontractors—who use the most advanced techniques and technology to ensure lasting results.

Learn more about how Rescon Basement Solutions can improve the air quality in the basement of your home in Southern New Hampshire or Eastern Massachusetts by contacting us today.

“Great work! Our basement is dry thanks to RESCON. They are the best.”

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“Great work! Our basement is dry thanks to RESCON. They are the best.”

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