The 2017 Remodeling Cost Vs. Value Report is Out

Mar 22, 2017

The rankings for remodeling projects and their costs vs. value have been released for 2017.  Every year these stats and rankings are compiled by Remodeling Magazine. This leading magazine looks at key home remodeling projects throughout the U.S.  and compares the average costs per project with the value that each of the projects retain over 102 nationwide markets.

This year for 2017, the national average cost for Basement Remodeling was $71,115.00, up from $68,490.00.  The average retained value of that same basement remodel was  $49,768.00.  A basement remodel project gives the homeowner an average  70%  rate of return on the original costs invested.  That’s an excellent return on investment.  If you need space in your home and have a basement, why add on when you can use what you already have!