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The Sump Pump Switch – How a Sump Pump Works

When answering the question “How does a sump pump work?” we need talk about the sump pump switch. The sump pump switch turns the pump on and off.  The on-off cycling of the sump pump, via the sump pump switch, depends on the water level …

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The Role of the Sump Pump Check Valve

What Is The Primary Function of a Sump Pump Check Valve? The primary function of the sump pump check valve is to make sure that the water being pumped out of the sump pump pit liner and through the discharge plumbing cannot drain back into the liner. …

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How does a Sump Pump Work?

Sump pump systems have been a common fixture in homes for many years. Most of these homes tend to be in low-lying areas where basements flood on a regular basis. Today, sump pumps are becoming more and more popular because of the protection they provide. …

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