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Basement Photo Friday – Workout and Exercise Room

Now this is a basement exercise-workout room! A light-filled walkout with gym equipment and a spa.  Imagine, once you have finished your exercise and workout routine, you’ll just soak away the aches and pains in your own basement spa.  

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Basement Photo Friday – What’s in a Window Well?

Climbing Up and Out of the Basement! Having sleeping quarters in a basement means that the basement must have a form of egress that one can escape out of in the event of an emergency.  Emergency escape access is a legal requirement and many municipalities …

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Moles and Dampness and Basements – Oh My!

Does your lawn have ridges and tubular bumps? Are you seeing mounds of soil scattered about the lawn in seemingly random places? Has your lawn been particularly damp or water-logged, with lots of puddling,  this Spring? Has your basement been more damp than usual or …

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