It’s Basement Photo Friday! Light up the stairs

Aug 08, 2014

Have you ever thought about the stairs in your home?  Whether they are the stairs that lead up to the second level or third level of your home or the stairs that lead down to your basement living area, stairs get little design attention.  It is a shame that the stairs go ignored because they can be brilliant design features in a home.

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One way to decorate the stairs into your basement is to incorporate LED lighting.  LED lighting on the basement stairs will do more than function as a simple design element.  Stair lighting will also incorporate an element of safety into your basement design.

You can light the stairs by lighting the underside of hand rails or by lighting the underside of each step.  Some designers put lights into the risers themselves.

No matter what type of stairs you choose for your newly finished basement, consider adding pizazz and safety by using lights.