What Is An Egress Window Well? Do I Need One?

Jul 07, 2022

When deciding ways to upgrade your home, you might think that a new coat of paint or a new door is a good choice. However, there are other options available that can help to improve your home’s value, natural light production, and safety.

Let us introduce you to egress window wells. Quickly becoming a popular option for New England homeowners, egress window wells are a great way to upgrade any home with a basement! Check out his blog post by the expert team at Rescon Basement Solutions to learn more about egress window wells and why you need one in your home!

What Exactly is an Egress Window Well?

An egress well is a type of window well that is often larger and sturdier than standard wells. A window well is a hole in the ground outside of your basement window, which helps to protect the window itself from rocks, dirt, and excess rainwater that could otherwise leak into your home.

An egress window well is better than a traditional one because it is an additional way to enter and exit your home, among its other features. This is both helpful for convenience’s sake and is extremely valuable if there is ever an emergency in your basement, as they will have stairs or a ladder built-in for ease of use.

Advantages of an Egress Window Well

It is hard to argue that an egress window well is the wrong choice for any homeowner, as they provide a vast array of benefits compared to traditional window wells. Some of the reasons our customers love their egress basement window wells include:

More Sunlight

What many homeowners consider to be their favorite feature of an egress window well is the additional sunlight that it brings into their home. Additional sunlight is good for a couple of reasons.

First, sunlight has been shown to be a natural mood booster, especially in an otherwise dark basement. Second, sunlight brightens up the basement, allowing you to keep your light switches turned off. The less need for artificial light, the lower your energy bill and the happier you are.

Improve the Safety of Your Home

You are probably curious how having an egress well outside of your window can improve the safety of your home. An egress window acts as a great emergency exit from your basement. If you are ever caught in a flood, fire, or another natural disaster where you need to leave your home quickly, you will be thankful you decided to choose an egress window well. It can also serve as an emergency entrance for firefighters, paramedics, and police if the other entries are blocked.

Raise Your Homes Value

Egress windows carry many benefits with them, and potential buyers take note of things like that. On top of the fact that they make your home more appealing to look at and be in, it also raises the overall square footage of your home. Adding an egress window well to your home is a fantastic way to show buyers that you have thought about the little things and that this is a home that is in optimal condition.

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