Basement Photo Friday – Basement Theater for Family Movie Nights

Jun 06, 2014
This basement home theater comes complete with blankets and snacks.

A basement home theater is on the menu for today’s Basement Photo Friday image.  When you ask someone what they would love to have in their basement,  you usually hear “A big home movie theater” high on the  basement wishlist.

A home movie theater in the basement is perfect for the family movie night has become a tradition in many households.  It’s a time for the family to sit down together and relax and enjoy an inexpensive form of entertainment, all in the comfort of home.  Going out to a movie theater may be a wonderful adventure but it can be costly.

Investing in a basement remodel to include a home theater not only has a great ROI (return on investment) in terms of boosting home value, but it also is a great investment for creating family time fun.  Are you ready to create family movie nights in a new basement home theater?