Basement Photo Friday – Basement Storage Idea Tucked Under the Stairs

May 30, 2014
Basement Stairs Storage -
remodel from Westchester, NY

Basemement Storage under the Stairs

Finishing or remodeling a basement is a great way to extend the living space of any home. When you decide to finish your basement, don’t overlook the hidden treasure trove of storage that is the stairway! Using the stairway as a storage area is brilliant and a fabulous use of space that is already built.

In this basement, you have drawers for storing and tucking things away and you also have display shelves to showcase knick-knacks, books and art.

Piling a few of the kids’ items on the lower shelves is a great way to keep the clutter off the floor.  It’s also a great way to begin to teach them to put their playthings back in the place that they were found.