Basement Photo Friday – Basement Bedroom Idea

May 02, 2014
Basement Bedroom idea - Perfect for kids
Image and inspiration via Freshwater Interiors, Swansea U.K.

It’s Basement Photo Friday!

Our first inspirational basement photo is a super amazing idea that kids of all ages will love.  Behold, a basement bedroom of bunks running along one wall of the basement room.

Turning a basement into a bedroom or sleeping quarters of some type is a dream of many homeowners.  Having a sleeping area in the basement will serve many purposes.

Basement bedrooms are great for guests to feel as though they have their own private space and are not “intruding” on the homeowners space.

Basement bedrooms are great for relatives who want to have an extended say, again this area gives them their own space to get comfortable in.

Basement bedrooms also serve one of the most wonderful purposes of all, a basement bedroom will allow the kids to have sleepovers in an area removed from the main part of the home.

Anyone who has children and has hosted sleepovers knows that these festivities can become quite noisy and messy!  It would be great to contain the kids, the noise and the mess to one separate area.

The hidden bonus of this is that the kids feel great about having their own area that is free from the prying eyes and ears of parents.  Little do they realize that our eyes and ears are always able to pry, no matter where they are located within the home!

If you’re ready to remodel your basement and want to have a set of beds like these built, click below and we’ll get started!