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What to look for when choosing a basement contractor.

When choosing a basement contractor many people have a very hard time navigating through the hype and finding that one company that you know is the right choice. As a contractor [for my entire professional career] both as an employee and as an owner, I can tell …

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Yuck!!! What’s That Smell in the Basement?

Yuck! What’s That Smell in the Basement? Have you ever opened the basement door and smelled that damp, moldy, smell. You just shut the door and hope it will go away?  So, “What’s the smell in the basement?” What your smelling when you open that …

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Let’s Get Smarter About Our Basements

Let’s Get Smarter About Our Basements Recently, I was watching a popular TV show where a specific work crew is hired to address and fix “over-sites” from a poor Home Inspection. The house was built on a wet footprint and was in need of some kind of …

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