Why crack repair is so popular in MA and NH?

Wall Cracks

Foundation wall cracks are the most common source of seepage in residential basements across MA and NH. Some of the common causes of these cracks are:

  • structure settling
  • concrete shrinkage
  • poor site conditions related to soil type and compaction
  • drainage or concrete strength.

Identifying the cause and understanding the cracking pattern is the key to a successful repair. Most wall cracks are minor in nature and typically pose no structural risk. Some horizontal cracks may indicate a more serious issue. Horizontal cracks may require the need for a designed crack repair from a structural Engineer.

Our crack repair specialists are trained in many repair procedures including, Epoxy and Urethane Pressure Injection, CrackShield™ Dual Process and have worked with many Engineers in designing site specific repair criteria.

Basement Floor Cracks

Concrete floor cracks exist in almost everyone’s basement. Since most basement floors are not a structural element of a home’s foundation, most floor cracks are superficial in nature. They can still be unsightly and under certain conditions, allow for the entry of water and harmful soil gases (Radon) into your home. Rescon offers many solutions related to floor crack repair.

From minor aesthetic concerns requiring patching and sealing to major issues like hydrostatic pressure and complete slab removal and replacement, Rescon has the experience.

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