Dover NH Basement Water Control

Dover NH School System

Owner: Dover School System

Client: Horne Construction

Location: Dover, NH

Date Completed: Jan 2010

Project Manager:Chris Brown

Project Value: $10,000

Project Summary:
Woodman Park Elementary School in Dover, NH installed a new boiler system valued at over $200k and was concerned about the ongoing water problems prematurely damaging the new heating system. Horne Construction was contracted to perform exterior drainage modifications to mitigate the basement water. In combination with the exterior repairs, Horne Construction teamed up with Rescon to provide an interior drainage solution.

The interior solution incorporated Rescon's basement water control system to prevent any water infiltration regardless of how the exterior drainage performed. A primary factor in the decision to partner with Rescon was the cutting advantage. Rescon is the only basement waterproofing company in New England with in house concrete saw cutting. This gives Rescon the ability to perform concrete removal without damaging the surrounding concrete. The design of our system was enhanced by the project engineer to included (2) 48" wide sump pit liners and (6) primary sump pumps with independent control systems.

In addition to the design enhancements, the project needed to be turned around in 5 days during the schools winter break. The project was completed on time and on budget allowing the client to stay on schedule for the schools opening.